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Purchase Requisitions for SAP Fiori

The Purchase Requests solution for SAP Fiori includes a mobile-responsive web application that can be tailored to your requirements, configurable business rules to enforce your procurement policies including review and approval workflow, document management and deep SAP integration.

Easy to use purchase request forms. 
Tailored to your procurement policy and business process. 

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Executive Productivity

Enables executives to confidently approve purchase requests more easily in the knowledge that procurement policies have been complied with and all supporting details have been provided and attached.

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Process Efficiency

Accelerates non-stock procurement turnaround time, efficiency and throughput to ensure that critical business activities remain on track.

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Enforces compliance with procurement policies to prevent rogue, unnecessary and unauthorized procurement.

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Flexible Forms

The mobile-enabled electronic forms for non-stock procurement requests can be tailored to include unique classifications and qualitative justifications.

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Review and Approvals

Collaborative review and approval of Purchase Requisitions in OneList on any device.

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Supporting Documentation

Easy attachment, storage and retrieval of supporting documentation inside and outside SAP.

Unlock the power of your SAP system

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Accelerate and Control your Purchase Requisitions

Control your non-stock procurement process with web forms that enforce compliance with your procurement policies and accelerate decision making with mobile approvals.

Purchase Requests

An integrated wizard-based purchase request form for both goods and services, tailored to your unique requirements.

Policy Compliance

For example, check budget capacity, enforce value-based requirements for obtaining multiple quotations, validate supplier qualifications prior to creating new vendor master records.

SAP Integration

Apply SAP business rule validations at point of entry and, on approval, create SAP Vendor master records (if required) and SAP Purchase Requisitions.

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