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Finance Master Data with SAP Fiori

Our Finance Master Data Fiori Apps ensure high quality master data to support your transactional processing and reporting needs. You will be able to engage subject matter experts in collaborative reviews and automate business rule validations and data processing. Mobile responsive and ready to run, you will accelerate your finance maintenance processes with fully digital forms and workflow automation to ensure operational effectiveness.

Easy to use SAP Fiori forms. Easily extensible to suit your policies. For GL Accounts, Cost Centres, Profit Centres, Assets, and more.

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Finance Producivity

Allow requestors to focus on the master data attributes they understand and provide supporting context and documentation to allow technical experts to review and complete remaining fields.

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Flexible forms & Data Model

Fiori AppBuilder allows you to tailor your master data forms and data models to meet process requirements. Add explanations and classifications even if these are not SAP fields.

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Financial Analysis

Quickly and effectively maintain the master data elements you need for effective financial analysis and reporting to control your financial outcomes.

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Online or Excel

Create new master data directly via an easy to access and user-friendly Fiori Web App. Or drag and drop an Excel spreadsheet onto the app for bulk master data creation.

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Data Quality

Enforce data entry accuracy and completeness with field validations, consistent data derivations, and automated duplication checks.

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Govern your Process

Workflow rules are highly configurable to ensure your master data processes comply with your data governance policies to deliver quality outcomes.

Unlock the full potential of your SAP system

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Request, review and update key finance Master Data

The Finance Master Data solution allows requestors to raise master data maintenance requests for general ledger accounts, cost centres, internal orders and fixed assets. Achieved via easy-to-use Fiori Web Apps or in bulk via Microsoft Excel, the request details are validated against SAP business rules, and submitted for internal review and approval prior to automatic update in SAP.

Fiori Web App Requests

Fiori Web App for master data request preparation with seamless lookup and validation with SAP for integrity and completeness.

Request Collaboration & Approval

Route master data requests to knowledgeable experts and responsible parties to ensure the effectiveness and quality of all your finance master data.

Request Traceability

Nothing gets lost or stuck as requestors and process owners track a request through its lifecycle to ensure timely maintenance.

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