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Sales Order Processing with SAP Fiori

Increase revenue by enabling your sales representatives to process Sales Orders in the field with direct integration to SAP to ensure the accuracy of pricing and stock availability checking.

SAP Fiori for a familiar user experience.
Easily extensible to suit your reporting needs.

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Increase Sales

Allow your sales representatives to spend more time in front of customers, and less time processing orders.

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Deliver to Promise

Increase Customer Satisfaction by ensuring that you have available stock to meet order requirements.
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Flexible Interface

Responsive, mobile, electronic forms for Sales Order processing that can be highly tailored to your needs.
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Accurate Pricing

Maximise margins with effective pricing tailored to the customer profile.

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Reliable Information

Deep SAP integration ensures the accuracy of customer and product selection, credit verification, pricing, and stock availability.

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Reviews and Approvals

Need to offer a discount? Sales Order processing app allows for Sales Manager approval of discounts prior to order creation acceptance.

Get the most out of your SAP system

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Enable Sales Representatives to efficiently process Sales Orders in the field on mobile devices.

Customer Assignment

Clarify customer assignment to avoid disputes between sales representatives over territory assignment.

Sales Order Entry

Enable Sales Reps to easily process customer orders on a mobile device with full visibility of order history and customer specific pricing.

Direct Processing

Validate order entry details, check customer credit, confirm stock availability and generate SAP orders whilst still in front of the customer.

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