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OneList to Approve it All

With OneList, managers make approval decisions faster and with more confidence. OneList orchestrates approval workflows across multiple backend systems including SAP, SharePoint, and Salesforce. Use OneList to control core business processes such as Capital Expenditure and Purchase Order Approvals, Staff Hiring Requests and many others.

With OneList, managers make approval decisions faster and with more confidence

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All Decisions

OneList combines all individual workflow and operational decisions into one consolidated task list for easy access.
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Timely Outcomes

Decision makers can take confident action everywhere to expedite business process cycle times.
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All Information

OneList presents comprehensive transaction details from underlying business objects as well as supporting documents, eliminating any confusion throughout your team.

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Improve Business Efficiency

OneList eliminates approval bottlenecks by providing a real-time action list that is universally accessible, intuitive to use and provides all the necessary information for instant action.

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Manager Productivity

OneList enables efficient task execution by providing a tailored, consistent and easy to use interface managers can use anywhere on all devices, even when offline.
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Effective Business Decisions

OneList improves decisions by providing deep drill down on request details, related business data, supporting documents and the full prior approval audit trail.

Learn how to unlock the power of your SAP system

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Intuitive modern user experience

View, analyze, and action approval tasks from business applications anywhere and anytime on any device. Drive fast and effective business process decisions improving accuracy and efficiency as well as reducing costs.

Pre-Built Adaptors

OneList has pre-built adaptors for SAP, SharePoint, K2, Nintex, OpenText and other common workflow and document management platforms for rapid deployment. A full API enables custom integration to any system.

Accessibility and Configurable Layout

At your desk, on the road or even on a plane, manage all your approval tasks in a consistent manner on all devices, on-line and off-line.

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