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Take advantage of our experience building solutions for most areas of your business including Sales & Distribution, Logistics, Finance, and Human Resources. We can help you create and deploy customized applications rapidly.

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Fiori Solutions

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Field Sales & Services

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Self-service Portals

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Fiori Solutions

Using modern UX design principles combined with unique tools and approaches, Smart Data can equip your users with a modern Fiori experience that changes the way you work. No more SAP GUI and having to run multiple transactions to complete a single business process. Instead, we create with you unified and powerful modern applications fully integrated with and running on SAP.

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Field Sales & Services

Offline capable, mobile solutions with tight integration to SAP eliminate the need for middleware or nightly batches. Order fulfillment, product availability, and pricing are always based on live SAP information.

  • Manage, Transfer and Count Inventory
  • Create Sales or Service Orders in SAP
  • View and Pay Invoices
  • Respond to Notifications
  • GPS Location Tracking


Self-Service Portals

In this digital age, most people are used to doing things for themselves. Build efficiencies into your processes using self-service portals. In an age of endless meetings, your customers, vendors and employees prefer self-service with the end-result being increased productivity and improved accuracy.

Portals allow your users to perform a variety of time-consuming activities asynchronously and reduce the administrative effort in your organization. With users entering data themselves, you also reduce the risk of inaccurate data capture.

  • Speed-up the Onboarding process
  • Change of address or bank details
  • Onboarding new vendors
  • Requesting quotations
  • Accepting proposals
  • Requesting PTO
  • Faster payment of Invoices
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To intelligently manage your enterprise, it is important to keep your pulse on the metrics you care about most. Being able to spot potential problems in your business is essential to all levels of management. Setting KPI’s and tracking those metrics in dashboards is the simplest and most effective way to be alerted to any corrective actions needed.

  • Role-based views
  • Roll-up and Drill-down
  • Filtering and Grouping
  • Excel Integration for ad-Hoc analytics

Maintain annual capital budgets, raise planned and ad-hoc Authorization For Expenditure requests, get timely approvals and integrate with SAP to create cost controlling projects, purchase orders and ultimately Fixed Assets.


Workflow and Approvals

OneList is a universal approval app allowing managers to make approval decisions faster and with more confidence. OneList orchestrates approval workflows across multiple backend systems including SAP, SharePoint, and Salesforce. Use OneList to control core business processes such as Capital Expenditure and Purchase Order Approvals, Staff Hiring Requests and many others.

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Contact Smart Data for Optimized Digital Transformation Services

Whether implementing SAP for the first time or looking to enhance the existing system, you need an SAP-certified partner on your side to ensure a successful transition and maximized ROI. 

Contact us today for specialized and preconfigured solutions for specific industries, best practices, and proven methodologies.

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