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Digital transformation may sound like marketing-speak but it is an important process that could dramatically improve how your business functions. It affects your customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders directly. It may even completely change how you do business!


In order to complement your digital transformation strategy, Smart Data draws on 4 discrete areas of experience and expertise; SAP Integration, SAP Fiori, SAP Solutions and SAP Staffing.

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SAP Solutions

We have a variety of prepackaged solutions that can be customized to your business processes. Should you require something a little more unique, our team can create solutions around business areas such as Sales & Distribution, Logistics, Finance, Human resources and more, using a wide variety of technologies.

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SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is the hottest technology to modernize your SAP business processes. Replace convoluted SAP screens with simple, mobile friendly Web Apps that your employees will love. Incorporate paper based workflows, process automation and multi-level approvals to run your business more efficiently.

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SAP Integration

Whether you need to create a native mobile app for your sales team, a self service portal for your customers, an automated workflow solution to approve and create orders or a Dashboard to track your metrics, and have these real-time integrated with SAP, Smart Data can be of assistance..

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SAP Staffing

We all sometimes need a helping hand.. If your SAP technical or functional teams need to be expanded for a particular project or on a more permanent basis, Smart Data’s staffing team can provide you with the right resource at the right time.

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Are Your Customers Satisfied? Talk to Our SAP Experts

Get in touch with us today and find out how you can increase customer satisfaction and retention with SAP. We’re your go-to SAP partner for SAP customization.

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