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A successful Salesforce deployment is integral to increasing the visibility of sales pipelines, prompt system adoption, and optimized ROI. You need a robust plan to deal with system integrations and implementations.

Besides, you must stay on top of every update or transformation in the system. That’s where Salesforce consulting services come into play to keep your instance up and running. But, it goes much beyond the basics.

Consultants can give you deeper insights into your business environment and identify the bottlenecks to remove them. Following the best consulting practices helps maximize ROI, and with the help of Smartdata we can make sure your Salesforce Practice is on the right track!

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How Salesforce Sales Cloud Features Help Sales Managers and Reps

As your Salesforce certified partner, we bring our experience and skills to the table to implement the best practices and grow your business as per your organizational goals. Our approach to Salesforce adoption and implementation includes


Planning and Feasibility

Before advising the clients on CRM adoption and implementation, our expert consultants determine if a project makes sense for your enterprise. From defining your business case to cost estimation, risk assessment, and identifying key considerations, we do it all.

Salesforce has a rich ecosystem to handle nearly every business process, including lead generation, team collaboration, and data analytics. As an experienced Salesforce consulting company, we understand the entire ecosystem going beyond these offerings to include third-party app development.

The feasibility analysis defines the exact requirements of your business for CRM adoption, re-engineering, or downstream implementation.



We believe that implementation strategies should be based on your business processes and functions for maximizing ROIs. If you are satisfied with how you manage sales, marketing, and operations currently, but your CRM is out of alignment, you need a proper implementation strategy to remedy it.

In this case, we can tailor your current processes according to CRM best practices or redefine your current processes and integrate them into Salesforce from scratch. We digitize your processes and address key challenges with customized solutions.


Re-Implementation of Current Systems

Replacing or reconfiguring the current system is a significant component of Salesforce consulting services. Since you do not want underperforming systems in your business, poor implementation or user adoption are out of the question.

Here, re-implementing current systems can be more profitable than investing in a new one. It involves data cleansing, defining duplication rules, and automated data migration.


Customization and Integration

With point and click tools, you may customize a new Salesforce platform. It includes automated field updates, role-based user access, or custom reporting. However, if you need a fine-tuned platform, we can perform code-based customizations, too.

AS a salesforce customization consultant, we can customize every process in one go and introduce automated batch processing, custom UI, and reports immediately. Or introduce the customization processes sequentially for functional enhancements.


Risk Assessment

The success of CRM implementation and optimization relies on detailed risk management. With experience, we can identify significant implementation risks like irrelevant features, inconvenient interface, or delayed implementation.

We can mitigate these risks through an iterative approach to Salesforce adoption. For large and complex projects, we deliver the essential functionality and add more features to the bottom line when the users are trained familiarized with the system.


Maximized User Adoption

Once your Salesforce solution is properly configured, and you have a convenient UI, you need trained employees to handle the automated processes and features. Still, it is a job half done because you need to take proper measures for maximum user adoption, and a Salesforce consultant can assure you that.

Hence, we ensure day to day help and consultancy to fill the CRM performance gaps and offer rich rewards for the top adopters.

Challenges of Salesforce Implementation and Adoption

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Poor Customer Service:

Delays in case resolution can dampen your customer service records. Our Salesforce consultant will help improve the processes through default or customized case management based on Salesforce Service Cloud. It helps leverage mechanisms like automated case assignment, escalation, and prioritization to improve productivity and resolution. 

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Inconsistencies in Sales Process:

If your sales processes have a lower win rate or revenues, it’s time to take notice of your CRM system and functionality. We ensure efficient Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation to automate processes using the code-based customizations or default functionalities.

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Lower Conversions:

A fall in lead conversion rates affects your omnichannel marketing campaigns and digital marketing efforts. We assure optimized conversions with Salesforce Marketing Cloud that creates seamless customer communication processes to engage more people through personalized messages.

Salesforce Consulting Solutions

Whether you want to ensure the successful implementation or wish to improve your capabilities, you need organizational change management, comprehensive data analytics, and process improvements.

We offer the best Salesforce consulting services to ensure optimum business success by assisting in technology transformation with robust team alignment, adoption, and usage. We define and implement processes that bring maximum value to your business.

Most importantly, we transform the data across your enterprise to accelerate business insights. Get a competitive edge in the market with these Salesforce services:

Platform Optimization

After Salesforce implementation, you may realize that its capabilities aren’t fully utilized, or the technical setup is not updated. We assess your systems to optimize the CRM applications and ensure maximum value to your business.

Execution and Delivery

Ineffective implementation or lack of operational support can impede your business progress. We provide project and managed Salesforce services to help you refocus on core functionalities. At the same time, our experts will assess technical implementation, licensing, and business usage to identify problem areas and remove them.

System Integration

Salesforce can deliver maximum value for your business with seamless integration and data sharing across the organization. It involves integration with other internal tools or Salesforce Cloud products. Our Salesforce consultant will simplify the non-Salesforce tool integration and deliver custom solutions based on the existing enterprise service bus software you use.

Data Migration

When moving business data to Salesforce from legacy systems, we ensure a smooth transition and maintain business continuity throughout. It includes inspecting the legacy CRM to create a data migration checklist, mapping fields from legacy systems to corresponding fields and data objects in Salesforce, and conducting a data quality check. We create a plan for automated data migration and ensure its success through safe processes.

Contact Smart Data for Optimized Salesforce Consulting Services

Whether implementing Salesforce for the first time or looking to enhance the existing system, you need a Salesforce certified partner on your side to ensure a successful transition and maximized ROI. Our experts can unlock your CRM potential for higher conversions and custom retention.

Contact us today for specialized and preconfigured solutions for specific industries, best practices, and proven methodologies. 

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