Salesforce Custom App Development

Salesforce Custom App Development To Meet Your Business Needs

Businesses can offer their consumers a consistent experience of their product listings and services with the world’s most well-known app platform, Salesforce. Getting deeper insights into the customers’ journey and effective user engagement is possible with custom Salesforce app development.

Create personalized software solutions and make the most out of your Salesforce CRM data. The power of the versatile product lies in its core capabilities to allow for custom Salesforce application development. Supercharge your operations with efficient internal tools for your business using a custom app that runs on the classic platform.

Go beyond the retrofit models and choose Smart Data for tailored Salesforce app development services that are apt for your business objectives. We are a certified Salesforce partner with extensive knowledge and years of experience.

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What is a Salesforce Application?

Salesforce applications are logical containers for a group of tabs, processes, objects and services related to any given business function. The entire app works as a unit and provides maximum functionality with the tools.

Even if companies are already using a Salesforce CRM app, it can integrate with other third-party apps or get customized.

We can group standard tabs, add custom tabs or build an entirely new app. As a partner with Salesforce AppExchange, our team of developers can create apps that can automate all business processes, starting from marketing to customer support.

Our Process as a Salesforce app development company

For us, the primary requisite before mapping out strategies for Salesforce custom app development is to understand the client’s requirements.

So, we start by collaborating with our clients, evaluate their current business practices and prioritize their needs. Based on our analysis, we devise a custom Salesforce application development plan that can be the most beneficial to them in the long run.

To make sure that we meet your requirement using the best possible technology, we take these steps:


Need-based delivery models

As an official Salesforce partner, we are equipped to build niche applications at once. For example, a company is struggling with a set of challenges within their CRM domain.

Using the iterative approach, we can quickly build an app for their comprehensive business needs so that the consumers can use the basic version of the application as soon as possible.

Our Salesforce applications are user-friendly and highly-responsive. We map out the customer journeys with the UI prototype of the application. We later add features based on user feedback.


Quality review

Our full focus is on delivering quality products, which means we use a solid software testing strategy to examine the performance of the build in a systematic manner. We achieve high-quality architecture and code by regularly conducting unit tests and code reviews.

Our QA team ensures that the Salesforce custom app is bug-free and functions as desired to offer the user a smooth and logical experience.


Integration and training

This phase involves connecting the app with third-party software, default tools for Salesforce integration, custom integration tools or content management systems. We also provide user training materials for the Salesforce application.


Product launch

After launching the product for internal use, we transfer the tested custom app to the User Acceptance Testing environment to check for acceptance. Once successful, we migrate it to the production environment to make the full app available to end-users.

As a Salesforce partner for AppExchange, we also test it on the AppExchange security review to be evaluated by the Salesforce Product Security Team.



We provide long-term support, as our collaboration does not come to an end after the product launch. During the first few months of internal use of the custom Salesforce app, we fine-tune the features for increased user adaptation that goes beyond training with resources like release notes and promptly solving issues.

Hence, it becomes easier to maintain, modify, or evolve the app’s functionalities to suit the business’s changing needs in the future.

Why choose Smart Data?

Our top-notch Salesforce app development services are delivered to you within the estimated time frame. However, we are also flexible towards key development phases per our clients’ vision.

We can provide at-once or iterative delivery models suitable to your goals, with high-performance features without rework or delays that can shoot up costs.

With years of experience, our Salesforce partner developers are tech-savvy and provide industry-specific solutions suited to varied business processes.

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Our Salesforce Solutions

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Custom Salesforce application development uses a mobile-first approach to reach your customers with predictive services and provide on-the-spot resolution of issues. With Salesforce Service Cloud, agents can get a real-time, 360-degree view of their customers and improve business operational support cycles. With on-demand support and service after sales are done, you can retain existing customers for a long time, while gaining new ones.

You get performance-enhancing features with Salesforce custom app, including:

Live Agent: While the traditional support service can engage with one customer at a given time, the live chat option improves direct communication with multiple users. It is ideal for businesses with small support teams.

Lead Management: Convert more qualified leads into real opportunities by tracking your leads from Sales Cloud. The agent that is best equipped gets to convert the opportunities using the lead management functionality.

Salesforce Knowledge: Expand the knowledge base of service agents with this support tool, where internal writers can publish articles, guides and other product-related documents.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Get all the consumer data in one place to make lead generation faster and more convenient when sales managers can automate the tasks with Salesforce Sales Cloud. Cover every consumer touchpoint to gain in-depth insights into user behaviors that help you close more deals.

Choose custom Salesforce app development for your business

Every business and its organizational goals are unique; so, why use the same off-the-shelf solutions? With custom Salesforce app development, solve the problems of your customers before they know it. Increase your sales by tracking user behaviors on multiple channels online.

Know what is Salesforce application and how a custom design can help you streamline your business and grow leads. 

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